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All passengers who arrive in Korea are required to complete an E/D card (immigration card) and customs declaration. Passengers from certain countries are also required to complete a quarantine questionnaire.
Quarantine Regulations
Travellers should fill the departure and disembarkation cards from the airline boarding procedure desk, and submit the departure card at the departure inspection desk and the disembarkation card at the entry inspection desk when they come back.
Instruction to fill
  1. 1. Korean name, Chinese name, date of birth, gender as written on
    the passport
  2. 2. Passport No.
    No, of traveller’s passport(travel certificate, resident pocket book)
  3. 3. Address and telephone no, in Korea
    Korean address and tel. of traveller
  4. 4. Profession, company name
    Traveller’s profession and the name of his/her work place
  5. 5. Destination
    Destination country or city name of traveller
  6. 6. Departure
    Departure country or city name of traveller
  • Overseas Koreans should submit the Korean departure( overseas Koreans entry) notification form, Korean entry(overseas Koreans departure)notification form.
  • All passengers and flight crews who arrive in Korea from regions where cholera, yellow fever, and bubonic plague have been detected (which may include countries in Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Africa, and South America) may be required to complete a quarantine questionnaire.
  • All passengers who arrive in Korea with livestock or other animals are required to present a quarantine certificate from the exporting country to the National Veterinary Research and Quarantine Service.
  • All passengers who arrive in Korea with plants or other vegetation are required to present a certificate from the exporting country to the National Plant Quarantine Service.
  • - National Veterinary Research & Quarantine Service
  • - National Plant Quarantine Service
  • - Airport Quarantine Office
Arrival Immigration
All passengers who arrive in Korea must present a passport and an E/D card to an immigration officer in order to be admitted to the country.
Baggage Claim
Passengers may pick up their luggage in the baggage-claim area, which is located on the first floor. After picking up their baggage, passengers should proceed to Customs.
If you cannot locate your luggage on the designated carousel for your flight, please file a report immediately at the Lost-and-Found Counter.
Customs Immigration
If you have goods to declare : After picking up your baggage, proceed to the Customs area and fill out a Customs Declaration form. Customs officers will answer any questions you may have and can assist you in filling out the form.
If you have nothing to declare : If you have no goods subject to declaration, you must still go through Customs and notify a Customs officer that you have nothing to declare. However, it is not necessary for you to fill out a Customs Declaration form.
  • Goods purchased or acquired from overseas (including gifts) that exceed US $400 in total value.
  • Goods with a value of over US $400 purchased from local duty-free shops but brought into the country
  • More than 1 bottle (1 ddter) of alcohol.
  • Alcohol with a value of over US $400.
  • More than 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars.
  • More than 2 ounces of perfume.
  • (Please note that all alcohol, tabacco, and perfume carried by passengers under the age of 19 will be reported to a
    Customs officer.)
  • Goods that are to be re-sold at a commercial business
  • Import-prohibited and restricted goods
  • Goods to be used during the course of the trip and then taken back out of the country
  • Goods covered by an ATA Carnet
  • Goods already declared as carry-out items that are being brought back into the country
  • Goods that are to be stored at the airport
※ Korea Customs Service (
Meeting hall
Meeters/greeters can obtain arrival information from the Flight Information Display System on the wall of each arrival gate.
For general information on transportation, hotels, tours, and rental cars, please visit one of our information counter. The information counters are located center of the airport 1th Floor.